Monday, June 27, 2011

Say "please"


One of the best time-killing activities is to bring the kids to the airport to pick up Papa after his business trip. The kids enjoyed the long bus ride to the airport while Papa was happy to be welcomed by Mama and the kids. Definitely a win-win activity.

Good morning

It was such a sweet and lovely morning!

Kristen the sailor

Kristen likes to play train, like her Gor Gor. Moreover, she likes to ride on a "boat". See how she enjoys her sail.

Panda @ The Peak

The other day Papa and Mama took Kristen to hiking at the Peak. It was a beautiful morning to give our undivided attention to our little angel.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

A day of challenge

Today Mama had to take care of Louis and Kristen all by herself as Papa was on business trip. She felt good that things turn out well and it was just like a normal sunday that the kids were well fed and they would attend church together in the morning. In fact, she quite liked this multi-tasking challenge and had a good sense of mastery. Hopefully such challenge won't come very often though. :P

Fun brushing teeth

Kristen enjoyed the teeth brushing time with Gor Gor every night before sleep. Seeing their lovely smiles, Papa and Mama would forgive the mess they made.