Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Giddy-up dance

Louis loves to dance along the Giddy-up song. He's a good dancer!

Birthday party at Gymboree

Louis attended Hugo's birthday party at Gymboree, and had great fun there.
Kristen was dressed nicely for the occasion ... (though she didn't join the party) ...

Handbook, with "Warning Letter"

Louis received a new handbook from his teacher. Teacher wrote a note asking Papa & Mama to pack another set of clothes to bring to school, as Louis spitted water out during tea time in class. This is essentially Louis' first "warning letter" (in a very gentle way). Pray that Louis will learn to be a good boy!!

Lovely smiles

Lovely smiles, from both Kristen and Papa!

Uncle slide

Uncle (Kou Fu) and cousin Yui Yui came to visit. Kou Fu has a nice slide for both Yui Yui and Louis. Kristen is not big enough for the ride yet.

new fan of Thomas & friends

Louis shows Kristen how to play with his favorite toy (Thomas & Friends). Kristen is fascinated by it! We believe Thomas & Friends just got a new big fan ...

Kristens coffee break

Kristen is very interested at Porpor's coffee. Mama believes Kristen got this gene from her, as Mama loves to sit at Starbucks, enjoying a cup of hot coffee, taking a coffee break ...

Monday, April 12, 2010

Difference between Papa & Mama

Louis knows how Papa and Mama are different through setting up his favorite Thomas train set:
Papa will follow the menu instruction exactly, and quickly build up the railroads. All parts are fitted perfectly.
Mama doesn't care about instruction at all. She is very creative to set up the railroad. Every time is different, and some parts are forced together ...
Louis enjoys both.

Mama bakery

After more practices, Mama's bakery skill has improved significantly, reaching professional level! Louis enjoys eating Mama's muffins, cakes and cookies.

Finger painting

Louis was not very keen on drawing (yet), but this kind of messy finger painting aroused his interest him and he had fun.

Boss with good memory

Louis knows well how to use the word "no" and "there". Though he sometimes can be quite bossy (ordering people around), Papa and Mama are glad that he shows good memory of remembering places and his whereabouts.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

New Sunday School class

Louis is up another grade at Sunday school class! More discipline is taught. At the end of class, all kids carry their own water bottles, waiting to be called and picked up by parents.

Semi-Big-Boy Chair

Probably realizing that he's a free man, Louis no long likes to sit in his buckled toddler chair at the dining table. Porpor found a new way that made him sit quietly for meals. How smart is Porpor!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Mui Mui's car

Though Louis has his own stroller, he's more interested in Kristen's (or "muimui's car" as he put it). He likes pushing her around, and riding with her by standing in front of her.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Kristen's lovely giggles

Roll Roll Roll, on the floor

Heard that temper tantrum is a common phenomenon happened on toddlers. Papa and Mama is witnessing it in real life through Louis. Whenever his request is unanswered, Louis would lie and roll on the floor. Very troubling problem indeed to Papa & Mama, not to mention that it can be quite dangerous (not all kids are as careful as Gor Gors Isaac and Ho-lam who carefully jump over him or walk around him).

Papa & Mama pray that God will give them wisdom and extra patience to guide and teach Louis.

Auto Braking System (ABS)

As Louis is getting heavier, Papa & Mama sometimes prefer to use stroller to bring Louis around. But as Louis has developed his sense of likes and dislikes, where to go and where not to go, he has created his own way to stop the stroller. Papa & Mama called it the Auto Braking System.

Louis is Little Einstein

Little Einsteins DVD has quickly become Louis' favorite these days. He's quite into it, following the stories intently. Papa is glad that the DVD is indeed very educational: by watching it with Louis, Papa is also learning new things and new vocabularies!

Easter holiday gatherings

Gathering (1): Papa had an afternoon tea gathering with his high school buddies on Good Friday. Louis had fun with Kyle, Kyra & Derek (though afternoon tea time is basically the kids' nap time ...)

Gathering (2): On Saturday, our 1st Wetland Park visit with uncle David, auntie Siew Ann, Lachlan & Nicolas. It was great fun: great people, perfect weather and nice park!

Gathering (3): On Monday, it's Mama's turn to get together with her high school friends. Louis & Kristen had fun with Gor Gors Isaac & Ho-lam, and Lok Lok.