Monday, February 23, 2009

Beach boy

Louis was born with tanned skin color. Auntie Avis always said Louis belongs to the beach.

Birthday Outing (full version)

Papa and Mama can still remember the same day last year when Louis came to this world, and the moment when we first saw him after his staying in Mama's womb for 10 months. Louis has truly been a blessing from God to our family, giving us lots of joy and happiness.

Becoming toddler is a new phase; and we all (Louis, Papa & Mama) need to continue our learning of our parts. We pray that with God's guidance, we would become Godly parents to Louis. And Louis will learn to follow Him in his walk of life.

We celebrated Louis' first birthday on the beach - a new place to Louis! No fancy party nor expensive gift. But the sunshine, sea breeze, waves and sand are God's gifts to Louis. We all had a great time.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Louis our love!!!

Papa & Mama

P.S. Papa and Mama said we should be proud of ourselves as bringing the kid to the beach and the clean-up work afterwards were exhausting too... :P

Birthday Outing

It couldn't be happier...

hApPy BiRthDAy

It's time to celebrate!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

BiRthDAy Special (1 more day to go)

Ready... GO!

Here it comes the final count-down. Louis must be very much looking forward to his big day.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

BiRthDAy Special (2 more days to go)

The 4 angels

The 4 grandparents have been the biggest blessing to Papa, Mama and Louis in the past year. They are like 4 angels from God, showing us unconditional love and never-ending care.

In particular, thanks to Gong Gong and Popo for providing a second home for Louis, whenever Papa and Mama need a break. Without Gong Gong & Popo, Papa & Mama's lives would have no out-town vacation, no romantic dinner, no movie ... or simply, no break at all.

After becoming parents ourselves, Papa & Mama appreciate even more our own parents. Without them, there wouldn't be any Papa or Mama, or Louis ...

THANK YOU - Popo, Gong Gong, Mar Mar, Ye Ye!

Picture taken duirng Chinese New Year lunch. Does Louis look like a combination of the 4 grandparents?

Friday, February 20, 2009

BiRthDAy Special (3 more days to go)

10 things about Louis

  1. Louis has relatively dark skin color at birth. He looked darker than the Indian baby next to him in the hospital baby room.
  2. Louis has a nickname (though not widely used) called “Chocolate B”, made up by Popo. Interestingly, he has been transforming from Dark Chocolate to Milk Chocolate.
  3. “Louis” is named by Papa, after a closed brother in Christ, Pr. Louis Chan. The Chinese name “Jit” (哲) is from the book of Psalm in the Bible. It carries the meaning of “wisdom from God”.
  4. Louis slept in his own room since he’s born, with either Papa or Mama as companion. He sleeps by himself since 7 months old.
  5. Before Louis learnt to roll himself, Louis used to take afternoon nap in Papa/Mama’s bed, sleeping next to Mama. Mama misses those days.
  6. Louis is an active boy even at sleep. He liked stretching his body when he’s a new born and now he turns 360 degrees in his bed.
  7. Louis’ first Sunday School teacher is called Cindy. She cuddles and plays with Louis, and always said “Louis is a good boy today!” after school.
  8. Louis is very attentive when Papa & Mama read him stories. Sometimes Louis will talk back in his unique baby languages and it brings us lots of fun.
  9. Louis likes to play “Hide and Seek”, and crawls very fast to chase his target (Papa, Mama, Popo, GongGong, etc)
  10. Louis is delighted (and fixated) to open and close all doors in the house.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

BiRthDAy Special (4 more days to go)

Louis has a wonderful Mama.


Thank you for giving up so much, to become a full time mother. I trust that it’s best for Louis.

Thank you for spending time with Louis days in and days out. I know that it can be incredibly exhausting in times.

Thank you for spending so much effort to cook different varieties of nutritious food for Louis’ enjoyment.

Thank you for being a good story teller. Louis surely enjoys seeing and hearing Mama role-playing so many story characters.

Thank you for teaching Louis all the skills, from crawling to clapping, from waving to walking, and many more.

Thank you for taking good care of me and Louis. I still wonder how you manage to take care of Louis during the day, and at the same time, running all the errands and tabling a full self-made dinner for me after work.

Thank you for researching for Louis’ school education. I know it can be stressful in times, but we trust that God will lead the way.

Thank you.


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

BiRthDAy Special (5 more days to go)

Louis has a wonderful Papa


Thank you for being Louis’ wonderful playmate. You teach Louis through our daily lives and show him the world around us.

Thank you for sacrificing your rest time after work and sharing all the tedious housework.

Thank you for allowing me to rest whenever needed. Changing nappy, bottle-feeding, bathing, and putting Louis to sleep; none of these can defeat you. As a caretaker of Louis, you are fully compatible with me, except for the breastfeeding part! ☺

Thank you for your patience to us. You are always calm and gentle, even when Louis and I are not. You always listen, encourage and support by action.

Thank you for working hard to provide to our family, and putting us as your top priority.

Thank you for your love to me. It is a vivid illustration to Louis for what “love” means.

Thank you.


Tuesday, February 17, 2009


"My 1 year old birthday is coming very soon. Let me email Papa & Mama to remind them." - Louis

Clearing the throat?

Louis likes to clear his throat after drinking, sounded like an old man clearing his phlegm and ready to spit ... yuck ...

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Red Pockets

"Thank you uncles & aunties for the red pockets!" - Louis

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Learning to walk

Louis is quite keen to lead his way and practice walking recently. Assisting Louis is enjoyable, though Papa & Mama start to feel the back-pain after prolong leaning forward.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Cleaning helper

Louis could have wiped the floor... if he is willing to hold a cloth instead.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A considerate child

Mama & Papa thank God for giving us a very considerate child.
Mama and Louis spend much time together every day, whether Mama playing and teaching Louis, or Louis accompanying Mama to run errands or meet up friends. But when Mama needs to do housework by herself, our considerate child can do things by himself such as reading books or playing his toys in his play corner, or having baby talk with Mama outside the kitchen gate.