Monday, June 27, 2011

Say "please"


One of the best time-killing activities is to bring the kids to the airport to pick up Papa after his business trip. The kids enjoyed the long bus ride to the airport while Papa was happy to be welcomed by Mama and the kids. Definitely a win-win activity.

Good morning

It was such a sweet and lovely morning!

Kristen the sailor

Kristen likes to play train, like her Gor Gor. Moreover, she likes to ride on a "boat". See how she enjoys her sail.

Panda @ The Peak

The other day Papa and Mama took Kristen to hiking at the Peak. It was a beautiful morning to give our undivided attention to our little angel.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

A day of challenge

Today Mama had to take care of Louis and Kristen all by herself as Papa was on business trip. She felt good that things turn out well and it was just like a normal sunday that the kids were well fed and they would attend church together in the morning. In fact, she quite liked this multi-tasking challenge and had a good sense of mastery. Hopefully such challenge won't come very often though. :P

Fun brushing teeth

Kristen enjoyed the teeth brushing time with Gor Gor every night before sleep. Seeing their lovely smiles, Papa and Mama would forgive the mess they made.

Brother and sister

Louis and Kristen,

It is alright to have slight conflict sometimes, as long as the love and forgiveness to each other forever stays.

Papa and Mama

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Words learning (2)

By seeing Kristen to learn new words it reminded us how Louis was doing back then at similar age. The sweet old memories flashed back (though it actually happened not too long ago) by revisiting the video. He was once a young little toddler and Papa and Mama were amazed by the growth and development of Louis since then.

On a separated note, we did remember correctly that Louis was once a fruit lover. What has happened to stop you from liking it now, Louis?? Hope your memory will flash back as we do and could remind you that fruit is enjoyable. ;-)

Words learning

People always that girls start to speak earlier and it seems to be true in Kristen. By her 1.5 years old she knows quite a bundle of words already and even put them in use in daily communication. Well done, Kristen!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Year End Celebration

Today is the last day of Louis' school term in toddler program and teachers threw a party to celebrate the wonderful progress of the class in the past year. Mama and Louis also took this good chance to take photos with teachers and school friends as some of the kids will leave to other schools or different campuses. The kids had a good time partying and saying goodbye to everyone before the school year ends. Papa and Mama are glad for Louis' progress and development in the past six months. With the positive comments from teachers, it gave Papa and Mama confidence for keeping Louis in this school and we look forward for his promoting to kindergarten in coming September.

~ Louis and school friends

~ Louis and wonderful teachers (Teacher Tom and Hong Lao Shi)

In the party today the children sang a mandarin song together. This is one of Louis' favorite recently, though sometimes with missing words/notes. Finally Mama would hear the complete version.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Louis Live in Concert

Papa and Mama are the super fans of Louis. :)

Song list:
1) 耶穌愛我
2) 讚美
3) 小魚,你的家在那裡 (mandarin)
4) 天父造了小魚魚

Bossy Louis

Credit to Kristen who always accommodating Louis' instruction and order.

Louis is in charge

Louis likes to build blocks and play with train and rail. Though Louis shares his toys, books and food with Kristen most of the time, this is something that Louis would rather be fully in charge of his masterpiece. Sparing a seat is already generous enough.

Caring heart

Louis impressed Papa & Mama very much by modifying the "I Love Papa" song to apply to people around him, from Mama to MuiMui, from grandparents to auntie in Indonesia (who he only met several times), even to his Sunday School teacher! He's such a sweet and caring boy.

* In the video, "Teacher Sa" is his Sunday School Teacher; "Goo Por" is the auntie in Indonesia.

Little Miss Percy

Kristen looked so cute running around in the Percy jumpsuit. It added some colors to the game that Louis and Kristen play a hundred times everyday.

Kristen the MC

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

You scream, I scream

Beep beep shoes

Kristen liked the 'beep beep shoes' that mama bought for her. Louis was very curious to try them on too.

Car lovers

Kids usually learn faster from their peer. No wonder Kristen also likes to play with cars.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Enjoying fruit

Some kids are just natural food lovers, and some are not. Louis is the later. Mama had hard time feeding Louis when he was smaller. He has good improvement since then, but still quite conservative in food. In comparison, Kristen has been more open-minded. She likes to use toothpick to feed herself with fruits. Mama hopes that Kristen (and Louis too!) can enjoy all kinds of good foods created by our God!

Kristen @ Playgroup

It seems not long ago that Mama accompanied Louis to his playgroup since his one year old. Now it is Kristen's turn. She seemed to enjoy the school life a lot and got along with teachers and school friends very well. Music class is her favorite.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Obsessed with community helpers

Louis has been obsessed with the various community helpers. He will rush to the window when he hears the thrilling sound of ambulance, fire engine and police car. He will stop the policemen or postman on the street and says hello. If they are in a distant, he will wave to them until he is seen. The doctor-and-patient game is also one of the games he likes to ask Kristen to role play with him. Mama usually gets the role as his assisting nurse.