Sunday, June 19, 2011

Thank you Papa, 2011

Dearest Papa,

Words cannot express enough for the gratitude I have to the love, care and hard work you have put in our family. Not only you are the wonderful hubby, you have done a wonderful job as a loving and responsible father of Louis and Kristen. I believe they are very proud to have you as their father and will look upon you to become a responsible good person.

It was just like a normal Sunday that we use to have. Hope you like this little simple celebration we had for the Father's Day this year.

Happy Papa's Day!

Jo Mama, Louis and Kristen


lululu said...

it's been so long since i read your last post. i'm glad you've put some updates on it now, cos this is exactly what i'm anticipating for ethan and maya, except most of them they will be fighting!

bb louis & kristen said...

Lululu, I feel bad and shameful I have stopped blogging for such a long time. I hope I can pick it up again from now. Time flies and I hate to see them growing so fast. My recording cannot catch up with their changes.
Oh about fighting... L&K do fight as much as they play with each other. Just that I can't capture their fight in time as I have to stop them before they kill each other.
I really admire your persistence in blogging. How can you manage??!! Salute!