Friday, June 24, 2011

Year End Celebration

Today is the last day of Louis' school term in toddler program and teachers threw a party to celebrate the wonderful progress of the class in the past year. Mama and Louis also took this good chance to take photos with teachers and school friends as some of the kids will leave to other schools or different campuses. The kids had a good time partying and saying goodbye to everyone before the school year ends. Papa and Mama are glad for Louis' progress and development in the past six months. With the positive comments from teachers, it gave Papa and Mama confidence for keeping Louis in this school and we look forward for his promoting to kindergarten in coming September.

~ Louis and school friends

~ Louis and wonderful teachers (Teacher Tom and Hong Lao Shi)

In the party today the children sang a mandarin song together. This is one of Louis' favorite recently, though sometimes with missing words/notes. Finally Mama would hear the complete version.

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